How To Teach Children Public Speaking

Arguably, many children grow up with a massive fear of public speaking; they cannot stand in front of people because public speaking is scary to them. Therefore, if you don’t want your children to be victims of this painful reality later in their lives.

The following tips on how to teach children public speaking will help you out

Practice more and study less

sdxcfvbnm,Studies have revealed that practical lessons are five times better than theory lessons. You can teach the children the skills that were used by great public speakers such as Martin Luther King and asked them to stand in front of everybody at the end of the lesson to see the impact it has created. A series of many practical lessons will chase the fear of those kids, and a sense of courage will build up day after day.

Motivate the children

Needless to say, children need to receive a positive feedback in anything they do. Constant criticism will not only discourage them but also create fear and panic; causing stammering and trembling in the long-run. Insulting your children will do more harm than good.

Take it slow

Public speaking is a technique that is a learned over time. You should not expect your kids to be perfectionists in public speaking after on day. The skill is like driving; it needs time to be fully integrated into those kids. You should first teach them how to deliver the right and meaningful message to people that are worth listening to before you focus on the public speaking technique itself. The message should come before the art. Teach them how to deliver that message and let them improve it step by step.

Teach them how to use facial expressions and relaxing techniques

According to researchers, relaxing techniques such as deep breathing and stage movement and facial expressions plays a vital role in increasing the confidence of children. It eases the tension that is attributed to public speaking. Typically, a relaxed mind is hundred times likely to deliver a powerful speech than an unsettled mind.

Play impromptu fun games

zxfghujiImpromptu games help in building the confidence of kids. However, you should choose those games that are fun and that those children are comfortable with. These games help kids to think on the spot, and this helps them to become proficient public speakers in the end, and this will be a big step towards getting over their fear.

Public speaking is an important skill in our daily lives. The skill must be learned over time. So, if you want your children to take their public speaking techniques to the next lever, consider applying the above tips.

David Greco / April 16, 2016 / Communication / 0 Comments