Choosing the Right Swimwear Outfit

The Right type of swimwear should make the person wearing the suit feel good and fun. The swimsuit should be one that is fashionable, one that fits you properly and one that is per your body shape. There are all types of swimming body shapes out there. You can either be a big-chested female, have small-chested shape, or even a pear shape. Swimming suits come in all types of sizes. For men, the suit should fit snugly to the person wearing the suit but not too tightly. The tightness of the suit should not spread to the legs part. In this article, we discuss more on choosing the right swimwear outfit for both men and women.


Men’s Swimsuit

gffgfgfgFor men, the baggy swim trunks are usually excellent for most exercises in the water on the beach. A con of the baggy swim trunks is the fact that they try to prevent effective lap swimming. Listed below are some of the basic options for choosing men’s swimsuits:

  • Briefs: These are usually designed mostly for lap swimming or for racing and water Polo, most of the swimming athletes usually wear this type of swimwear.
  • Boxer briefs: These briefs are an example of snug suits. They have a longer square cut which is essential for a little more coverage.
  • Trunks: These swimwear types are loose, and they cut long enough and try to cover the thighs of the person wearing them.
  • Leg suits: This is a full body type of swimsuits that tries to cover the torso and the thighs of the person wearing them for much less resistance when in water.

Women’s Swimsuits

For women, the design depends on the type of swimming activity they are involved in. This is because; for the racing swimming games like athletes the 1-piece racerback swimwear are the best option. For those women who are more interested in casual wear or small water exercise the 2-piece suits and the 1-piece, together with the scoop-back suits are the best options. Listed below are some of the basic options you should look at when choosing a female swimwear:

Basic options

  • jjkkmmbbLeg suits: This is a full-body swimming suit. The suit tries to cover the thighs of the female for much less resistance or any drag she may experience when in water.
  • One-Piece Suits: This is a swimming suit that best fits the type of women who are into racing and lap swimming.

These suits typically allow the female’s shoulder some optimal freedom of movement when in water and also make sure that the straps of the suit don’t fall when swimming.

David Greco / January 26, 2018 / Swimming Outfit