5S Lean Manufacturing Principles Explained

Lean methodologies are a very crucial part of ensuring efficiency, improving collaboration, and increasing customer satisfaction. All these are essential ingredients for the success of your company. It is a culture mindset that your business should adopt learn from Lean manufacturing solutions guide for it to be effective. There are many tools, which can assist you with this, one of them being the elements of 5S. A detailed explanation of what it entails is given below.

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5S lean manufacturing principles are a guide to establishing orderly flow, eliminating waste, and organizing the
workplace. The principles are summarized to Sort, Set in order, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain.


Sort entails identifying a physical organization of the place of work, which is the most successful. Other words that can be used to describe it include Systemization or simplification. It is a series of steps that helps to identify things in the workplace, which are held in the wrong place, or at the wrong time. It eliminates problems such as operators being unable to find an item that they need, safety hazards from wrongly placed items, and cluttering in the workplace among many others.


Setting refers to the steps taken to put the identified optimum organization from the first pillar, sort, into place. Other phrases that can be used to describe the series of steps are orderliness, straightening, and set in order. It is ideally, a continuation of the first pillar, involving removing items, which should be discarded or transferred to an alternative location to create more space.


Shine also termed as cleanliness or sweeping, is what this phase is all about. The principle behind this is that everyone is happier and more productive when working in a clean and bright environment. Setting everything clean and ready for use also cuts time wastage and makes everything more practical.


The simplest way of viewing this is as a means through which the first three concepts of 5S are maintained. There is a possibility of things falling back to the informal system with any improvement activity undertaken. A schedule to revisit all the elements regularly will help to maintain the 5S continuously.


This is the final stage, which entails having discipline. Sustaining means having a formal and rigorous review program, which will ensure all the benefits associated with the approach are maintained.

David Greco / September 27, 2016 / Manufacturing