LEGOLAND: The Best Theme Park

Many people in Singapore prefer LEGOLAND as a place to have fun with family. It’s currently one of the best theme parks in Malaysia. Since it’s very close to Singapore, the place is ideal for family tours. Unfortunately, it is one of the toughest places to get to though it’s just outside the borders. Many cabs and taxis are denied access either to cross the borders or to go past the city. One of the proffered options is the use of a bus. The bus services from johor to Legoland help ferry people to this wonderful park. However, it has pros and cons associated with it.

Public bus


wqpllkmbOne thing that makes the buses the most convenient travel option is no booking is necessary. This can be ideal for those people who failed to get pre-booking in time. The buses also have departures from very many stations in Singapore. In wherever place you are there is a possibility of having a nearby bus station nearby.


Though preferred by many the buses have significant disadvantages. If you are not familiar with the routes and buses the public bust option can be confusing. There are transfers which are mostly confusing to a first timer. You should also be ready for long wait times. The buses are also subjected to checkpoints at both countries. At the checkpoints all passengers have to alight with all their belongings.

It gets nasty during the peak season since you can spend close to three hours at the immigration. For those who would still prefer buses, they have an affordable price at about SGD 6 per person. The bus option is recommended for adults and families with older children. Young children might be disadvantaged from long trips in the buses.

Private bus


The private bus is proffered for having shorter travel time. They have designated stops in Singapore. Hence you will not just board from anywhere. One thing you will also need to be sure with the private bus is that you will drop at LEGOLAND.


hghghghgghgOne of the major disadvantages of private buses is that they are pretty much expensive. Their designated departure time might also be inconvenient for some people. The private bus also requires a pre-book either with PayPal or a credit card. Just like the public buses, you will also be subjected to customs in both countries.

The bus option can be a good way to get to LEGOLAND. Though you have to put up with customs, check it is one of the cheapest ways to get to LEGOLAND. You have two options to pick from which are convenient to your schedule. The bus is also one of the most considered options to take from Johor to LEGOLAND.

David Greco / October 28, 2016 / Travel