Tips For Buying An Escape Proof Dog Cage

Does your dog always escape from its cage? Does it always chew and gnaw their way out when they have a chance? This is a common problem for dog lovers, and the only solution is to get the perfect cage that would suit your need.

There are options of dog cages that they sell on the market these days, and it can be confusing and stressful to find the right one. Your dog must feel comfortable enough in his cage while you are away cos it is his bedroom and sanctuary. It is not just a place where you could keep him while you’re away or when you don’t want him to mess around the house. A good industrial dog crate should be strong enough to hold the dog. With all the varieties of dog cages, it is best to consider all the factors first before getting one.

Before going to the market, consider the following points

The size of the cage

kjkjjkjkjkjHow big is your dog? You must buy a cage that is big enough for your dog to stand up to his full height, lie down, stretch out comfortably and turn around but not so big that your dog can soil one side and sleep on the other.

If it’s for a puppy, buy one that would fit your puppy when it grows old. Just use a divider panel or a cardboard box to reduce the amount of space.

The style of cage

Wire cage

If you live in a hot climate and you have a hairy dog, a wire cage is a good choice as it offers plenty of ventilation to keep your dog cool.

Plastic cage

If you live in a cool climate, a plastic cage is more suitable as it allows your dog to retain more heat. If you also travel a lot with your dog, consider getting a plastic cage as it is the only one approved for airline travel.

Durability and comfort

kmmbbccxzGet a cage with divider panels that you can fold, collapse and disassemble for travel or storage and one that allows the cage to grow with your dog especially if it’s a puppy.

Also, get one that would securely keep your dog inside. Check the door latch and make sure that it doesn’t bend or pop open when you put pressure on it from the inside to avoid your dog from escaping.

After you’ve chosen what to get for your dog, you can decide to add more accessories inside the cage to make it more inviting and comfortable. You can get a bedding or cage pad, cage cover, and toys and treats. Make sure that your dog is comfortable and has something to do while you’re away for extended periods of time. Remember, your dog is your best friend.

Robert Perkins / April 30, 2017 / Cage
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