Yoga Paddleboards

If you love yoga, then it may be the right time to take your yoga to the next level. Yoga in the water can be enjoyable giving you the best environment to meditate and flex the muscles. Paddleboards offer the best yoga surface while doing your favorite yoga. So, to ensure that you enjoy the best there is a need to choose only the best paddleboards. You can see the top choices here. This article is going to highlight some of the best features of paddleboards for yoga.

Top qualities of paddleboards for yoga


Paddleboards need to have the great stability to hold the body in a balanced way. Those meant for yoga need even to have more stability to provide a convenient base for yoga. Yoga involves meditating while the eyes are closed and one may not have much time to create a balance. According to experts, 30 inches and above width is the best for yoga. The more detailed the yoga, the more stable paddleboard one needs. Best stability will give the yogis more options even to flex the muscles. They will also give a better concentration when meditating.


A non-slip deck

The board will be engaged in numerous activities involving the bare hands and feet. Therefore, the deck must be made of a material that offers a comfortable grip. Accidents during the exercise can be disastrous and may even cause injuries. Yoga needs concentration and no distractions. The best manufacturers make the paddleboard using high-quality non-slip material even when in contact with water but it is important to confirm before buying one.

Durable material

The paddleboards are in contact with water during most of the times. The cheap material is, therefore, prone to destruction by water. A wooden paddleboard is bound to absorb water slowly especially if not well insulated with waterproof material and one day it may cause an accident. The material should also be light but strong enough to both float well and hold the yoga activities.


Extra features

Some people prefer to have yoga as they listen to soft and inspiring music. Others may want to listen to an instruction audio. The fact that paddleboards are used in water, yet they are just boards should not hinder these. Some manufacturers have gone ahead to create paddleboards with tie down points which will allow you to carry along some of this extras and enhance your experience.